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If debugging is the process of removing software bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in. - Edsger Dijkstra

The Coding Love

Team Leader / Backend Engineer @ [e-spres-oh]

May 2012 - May 2014

Besides drinking insane amounts of coffee, I had the chance to work with a team of very talented developers. Our main focus was building a complex e-learning platform.

Adapt Courseware is a comprehensive online curriculum resource that personalizes the education experience, so you can achieve measurable learning outcomes, increased student retention, and higher student satisfaction.

I was responsible of Adapt's Core module (an advanced API that creates and delivers course content to its users along with relevant reporting data). The biggest feature I worked on was an adaptive sequencer that decided what question should the student receive next, by factoring in the difficulty level, previous answers and current score.

Technologies used were LithiumPHP and MySQL.

I also contributed to other Adapt modules, such as the Authoring Environment, in charge of creating and editing course content (with over 10 different activity types, all SCORM compliant) and the Student Environment which allowed users to practice activities and track their course progress.

Technologies used were Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Other responsabilities included managing new releases, merging features, setting up local environments, creating automated deploy scripts and helping new team members adapt.

When something I've done a million times before suddenly doesn't work.

The Coding Love

Senior Backend Engineer @ SimplySocial

September 2011 - March 2012

SimplySocial delivers social media strategy and the tools to get it done. It's the just-add-water social media solution. SimplySocial was built to help businesses and advertising agencies navigate the complex social media universe in just fifteen minutes a day.

I worked on developing the initial architecture of the entire platform.

Techonologies used were Drupal, Python, Beanstalkd (task queue), Supervisor, Couchbase and MySQL.

When the product manager enters the office.

The Coding Love

Senior PHP Developer @ Space Rabbit

May 2010 - August 2011

Space Rabbit was a small development team, part of the award-winning design studio X3. For almost a year, we worked on developing a complex content delivery platform (Corect Media).

  • CorectBooks (http://books.corect.com/) - A digital library where you can buy e-books in different formats: PDF, EPUB and MOBI. It makes use of Adobe's Content Server to digitally protect files.

  • CorectNews (http://www.corectnews.com/) - An online news platform built to offer users an enhanced reading experience. The system includes a custom administration panel, compliant with newsroom standards.

  • Corect (http://www.corect.com/) - An aggregator for all the web sites that are part of the Corect Media platform.

Technologies used were Drupal, MySQL and Adobe Content Server.

When the deadline gets extended.

The Coding Love

Junior PHP Developer @ 4Algorithms

June 2008 - August 2009

At 18 years old, I landed a full-time job at a small Web Development company in Oradea, Romania. I worked with a team of talented developers on several client-contracted projects.

Technologies used were PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

When I land a job that I really want.

The Coding Love

Junior PHP Developer @ Travelgrove

September 2007 - January 2008

I started programming when I was in the 6th grade and worked as a freelancer on a couple of small projects. At 17 I got my first part-time job, working in Web Development at Travelgrove.

My main responsibility was developing PHP scripts that scraped a variety of travel websites for cheap airfares, cruises, hotels, travel deals and store the information in a MySQL database.

I also built an internal statistics tool that generated charts based on the daily revenue information received from Google AdSense.

Technologies used were PHP, MySQL and the GD (Image Processing) library.

When someone discovers I have a bug in my code.

The Coding Love

Pet Projects

  • Travel Journal (http://gcdc2013-travel-journal.appspot.com), winner of the Google Cloud Developer Challenge 2013 - An app that helps you plan your entire trip in under 30 seconds. I made the code publicly available at https://github.com/horiajurcut/travel-journal. I also wrote an article on my blog, explaining why (http://horiajurcut.com/travel-journal-is-now-open-source/). - Python, Webapp2, MySQL and Google App Engine

  • 7Out (http://get7out.com) - 7Out is a great app that makes planning activities with friends a whole lot easier. It helps you invite your friends simultaneously and send them all the event details. It’s really a cool way to plan stuff together, invite other friends and RSVP for events whenever you feel like going out. - Python, Flask, Celery, MySQL and Supervisord

  • Radio Guerilla app for Windows 8 (http://goo.gl/J7ImVO) - A Stream Server that reads meta information from an online radio and aggregates it with data from Last.fm. I made the code publicly available at https://github.com/horiajurcut/guerrilla-server. - Python and Gevent

  • g.io - A 2D HTML5 Canvas Game that I started after completing the HTML5 Game Development - Building High Performance Web Apps course on Udacity. Although I didn't manage to finalise it, I consider it to be a useful programming excercise. I made the code publicly available at https://github.com/horiajurcut/g.io. - Javascript and HTML


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The Coding Love